Hunting Rights Contract

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Register’s Land Rentals

1510 Register Rd

Adel, Ga 31620



Hunting Rights


This Lease is made this ______ day of __________ (Month), _____ (Year) by and between ________________________________________________


(hereinafter “Landowners”) and_____________________________________________

(hereinafter “Hunter”). In consideration for the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. The Landowners leases to the Hunter, and the Hunter rents from the Landowner the following described premises: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

2. The term of the Lease shall be for___________________________________(farm’s name) commencing _____________ and ending ______________.

3. The Hunter shall pay to Landowners as rent $___________per year for each acre that is considered to be hunted on.


Totals Acres___________       


Total Amount $____________

4. This Lease is subject to all present or future mortgages affecting the premises.

5. Hunter shall use and occupy the premises only as a Hunter, and any changes are subject at all times to the approval of the Landlord.

6. The Hunter shall not make any alterations, additions or improvements to the premises without the prior written consent of the Landowners.

7. The Landowners shall not have to furnish any feed plots, deer stands, cameras, or trails for the benefit of the Hunter.

8. The Hunter, at his own expense, shall furnish the following:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________.

9. The Hunter shall purchase at his own expense hunters liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and shall provide satisfactory evidence thereof to the Landlord and shall continue it in force and effect throughout the Lease term hereof.

10. The Hunter shall not permit or commit waste to the premises.

11. The Hunter shall comply with all GA DNR laws, federal regulations, hunting licenses, and laws of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the premises.

12. The Hunter shall not permit or engage in any activity that will effect an increase in the rate of insurance for the hunting ground in which the premises is contained nor shall the Hunter permit or commit any nuisance thereon such as interfering with any agriculture, timber cutting, timber cruising, planting trees, landowner observations of hunting, land planning, clearing land, irrigation repair/installation, land surveying, special utilities repairs/installations, military exercises, wild hog pest removal by farmer/land owner/3rd party hunter, wildlife photography/video by land owner, or any special event hosted by the land owner.

13. The Hunter shall not sublet or assign the premises nor allow any other person or business to use or occupy the premises without the prior written consent of the Landowner, which consent may not be unreasonably withheld.

14. At the end of the term of this Lease, the Tenant shall surrender and deliver up the premises in the same condition (subject to any additions, alterations or improvements, if any) as presently exists, reasonable wear and tear excluded.

15. Upon default in any term or condition of this Lease, the Landowner shall have the right to undertake any or all other remedies permitted by Law.

16. This Lease shall be binding upon, and inure to the benefit of, the parties, their heirs, successors, and assigns.

  1. No refunds.

INITIAL  LANDOWNERS: ___________ HUNTER: _______


















Signed this _______ day of ______ (Month) ________ (Year).

Landowner: ______________________________________


Hunter: __________________________________________


Other people allowed hunting with the hunter  ________________________________________________________________________________________________